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1 Guide: 5 Things to Do with Your SO This Winter in NYC and Miami

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1.     Meditate together: connect deeper mentally and emotionally

·      NYC: MNDFL Heart class @ MNDFL Studios

·      Miami: Vibration healing @ 1111 Vibes              

2.    Take a couples’ yoga class: build stronger communication and intimacy

·      NYC: AcroYoga @ OM Factory

·      Miami: Kirtan Vinyasa @ TRIO 

3.    Learn to cook: stir the pot; not the relationship

·      NYC: Various cooking classes @ Haven’s Kitchen

·      Miami: Private cooking classes @ The Naked Bite

4.    Get a couples’ massage: reconnect and rejuvenate together

·      NYC: Couples massage @ O’live Organic Spa

·      Miami: Couples massage @ Uhma Spa 

5.    Get in touch with your inner artist: sip and paint all night long

·      NYC: Painting of your choice @ Painting Lounge

·      Miami: Valentine’s Day with a Twist @ Painting With A Twist