Meaningful Meetings

We offer three types of Meaningful Meetings, designed to help best suit your group's goals. Each meeting style includes specific programming designed to support your desired results, as well as catering menus centered around ingredients that are proven to increase focus and general productivity.

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Creative Meetings

Whether your team is creative by nature, you're looking for innovative ideas for the next big project, or you just want to foster more creative thinking in your next meeting, our Creative Meetings provide tips & tools to help get your team into a creative flow.

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Zen Meetings

Work meetings can be stressful, no matter what you do or what's at stake. Our Zen Meetings come with steps, supplies and some guided meditations to help make your meeting a low-stress zen zone.

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Focused Meetings

Every meeting requires some level of focus. If you think your team could use a little extra help in that department, our Focused Meetings provide examples of companies who have their head in the game and items to help you follow in their footsteps.

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Developed in Partnership with Holstee

Holstee offers tools, inspiration, and a community to help you live a more meaningful life. They believe that society doesn’t teach us everything we need to know in order to live a meaningful life. We tend to agree, which is why we thought they would make a great partner in developing Meaningful Meetings.

Guided Meditations by Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin is our resident Meditation Leader for 1 Hotels, and a natural fit for Meaningful Meetings. After 30 years of spiritual and meditation studies, Biet’s feeling was that the world of the intellect, fashion and art needed spirituality, and the world of spirituality was often missing some vanity and fire. Meditation with Biet takes you through the emotional, intellectual, instinctive and moving centers to get to a place of equanimity and joy.

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We've Got Your Back

Our Safety & Health Measures

We've missed you and can’t wait to welcome your next meeting to one of our sustainable sanctuaries. To do so safely and cautiously, we’ve made some noticeable and necessary changes to our operations. We consulted with leading health experts and our new director of environmental health and safety to construct a plan in accordance with CDC and WHO. guidelines that takes into account the complete experience for your gathering.