Haitang Bay Offers

Find your perfect retreat with seasonal experiences, unique packages and special rates at 1 Hotel Haitang Bay. 

Playground with slide and ball pit
Haitang Bay

Family Reunion at 1

Run along the sunny coastline, swim away in the hotel pool, dine at Green House, and enjoy a relaxing holiday with the family at 1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya. Let the little ones roam free and get lost in the embrace of nature under Seedlings. Allow the whole family to soak in the beautiful scenery of Sanya. 

Ocean Pool View Room 海景泳池景观客房
Haitang Bay

Island Escape at 1

Enjoy your island escape with breakfast, dinner inclusive, and more.

Haitang Bay

Enjoy All in 1

Stay in the green garden, feel the breath of nature, enjoy the sunshine of the island then relax your mind and body.

Haitang Bay

Winter Solstice

Embrace winter in Sanya City with a stay that gives back
Enjoy up to 40% off your stay
We'll make a donation on your behalf to The Bright Connection

Bamford Wellness SPA
Haitang Bay

Be Well at 1

Stay away from hustle and bustle of city life, feel the green of nature, enjoy the natural power of the island then relax your mind and body, and enjoy the CNY600 credit at Bamford Wellness Spa.

Haitang Bay

Chinese New Year Offer

Wish you a happy and healthy year of Tiger. Family reunion in the infinite beauty along the sunny coastlines of Sanya, and celebrate the start of a new year life at at 1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya.

Hotel exterior at dusk
Haitang Bay

1 True Love Offer

Watch love grow. Couple up by the blue waterscape, sit under the shadows of coconut trees, sit under the shadows of coconut trees, there’s something for every couple. 

I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can, a responsibility that I believe we all share. It’s 1 world.