Full Moon October Hero

Full Moon Celebration

Sunday, October 13 | 5pm - 9pm

Our rituals respect the natural rhythm of life. Each month we celebrate the present moment and usher in the Full Moon with special readings and Candlelit Full Moon Yoga on our Skyline Deck with Performix.

yoga moon

Full Moon Yoga

5pm - 6pm | Skyline Deck

Candlelit Full Moon Yoga on the Skyline Deck with Performix’s Natalia Grace.


Sound Healing

Sound Healing

6:30pm - 8:15pm | Skyline Deck

Enjoy pre-yoga sound healing for a unique experience with a view

Tin Cup Tarot Readings

Full Moon Tarot Tin Truck

7pm - 9pm | The Garden

Celebrate the Full Moon with the Tin Can Tarot, which travels around Los Angeles bringing Tarot readings to the people.