Yoga Meditations And Oil Blends For The Mind, Body, And Spirit

Published on: January 9, 2017

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Woman stretching near pool

At 1 Hotels, we wholeheartedly believe in nourishing your soul, enriching your mind, and caring for your body. Achieve spiritual balance on the beach at dawn at 1 Hotel South Beach, energize your body before a night on the town at 1 Hotel Central Park, or find solitude while overlooking city views at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, opening February 2017.

Meditating through yoga is one way that helps us connect both internally within ourselves and find peace in the spaces in which we share this planet together. Learn about the meanings and impacts of different yoga poses below, and choose a complementary oil from the Bamford Haybarn Spa at 1 Hotel South Beach – they’re perfectly sized for life and travel so you can achieve your desired state of mind and enhance your practice.

Three women in bikinis lying by a pool with an inflatable duck pool floatieShavasana is a pose for relaxation, to enable quiet rest and recovery: simply lie on your back with your legs out, arms by your side, and breathe deeply. This pose pairs perfectly with Bamford’s Shavasana oil, infused with a soothing blend of camomile, lavender and geranium for when you’re looking to unwind and find serenity. 

A woman doing yoga, bent in a bridge position

The Chakrasana pose is meant to boost energy and stimulate all of the energy centers, inducing a feeling of exhilaration: keep your hands and feet on the floor and arch your abdomen towards the sky. To enhance the benefits, try Bamford’s Chakrasana oil – a blend of bergamot, cedarwood and lemon tea tree. A touch of oil on your pulse points will provide a little pick-me-up or help recovery from jet lag.

A woman meditating on a yoga mat with crossed legs

Reach an elevated place of mindfulness with the Padmasana pose, perfect to achieve a higher level of concentration and attention for meditation: sit down on the floor, place one foot on top of the opposite thigh, turn your heels to face upward close to the abdomen, and keep your knees in contact with the ground. Apply Bamford’s Padmasana oil – blended with rosemary, ginger, and basil – to help you focus and clear your mind.  

An aerial view of a woman on a yoga mat in child's pose

The Balsana pose can help you achieve a stronger sense of mental and emotional protection – providing you a sanctuary of safety, during your practice and beyond. Like the pose, Bamford’s oil – a mix of eucalyptus, frankincense, and cajuput – can help when you’re feeling a little low and need to boost your immune system. 

We hope you nourish your spirit and enliven your senses through these different yoga poses, and enhance your practice with the unique variety of oil blends from the Bamford Haybarn Spa.

And from all of us at 1 Hotels to you, Namaste. 

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