The Year Of 1: A Time Of Promise And New Beginnings

Published on: January 1, 2017

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brooklyn exterior

Numerology experts say 2017 will be a “Year of 1,” marking a time of new beginnings.   

How It Works
In numerology, there is a 9-Year Cycle of Change that facilitates progress and evolution for mankind. Think about how nature, rocks, mountains, rivers and oceans all undergo change as time passes and they move through various life cycles.

What It Means
As we move into 2017, a Universal Year of 1, we are celebrating new beginnings and welcoming change. It is a hopeful and encouraging year where we will begin to build foundations for all of the promising opportunities to come.

For us, 2017 will mark the start of our newest chapter with the opening of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Our 1 Promise
As we embrace the spirit of the New Year – making way for new discoveries, creations and directions, shedding light on what’s to come – we will also revisit the ways we are doing good and giving back to our world.

While it only takes 1 person or 1 small act to make a difference, we know that we are stronger together. To channel the collective good nature of our community we invited neighbors, friends and locals to visit us in Brooklyn and leave their intention for the new year on a 100 foot community wall.

Encouraging words written in colored pen on fabricThe word YOU written on fabric surrounded by messages written in pen

We also dressed the hotel in over 100,000 LED low energy light to create a literal and symbolic spreading of light and cheer as we usher in the new year. The light display runs nightly through January 8th from 6 p.m to 1 a.m.

The exterior of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge lit up at night

Come by and join the good vibes by leaving your intention on the wall to help us #LightUpBrooklyn.

How will you do all the good you can?

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