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4 Yoga Moves for a Gentle January

By: Felicity GoodwinJanuary – a month we are bombarded with the allure of “self-improvement.” Its in every news headline, advertisement and sales promotion. I'm sure you've had countless conversations about your friends' or coworkers' <insert.. Read More >


Weekly Meditation 2: Still the Body

How did week 1 go? Did you feel resistance to the small commitment of five minutes a day? Were you able to face it head-on?When making the space for a new habit or practice in your life, it’s helpful to remember that decision fatigue is real. In general,.. Read More >


Weekly Meditation 1: Facing Resistance

Get me out of here. I distinctly remember the feeling of mild panic that overcame me on the first evening of my yoga teacher training when – with little preparation – we were instructed to meditate for thirty minutes. Thirty. Minutes. Just like that. My.. Read More >