1 Hotel Central Park   Wanderlust

Guest Post: Julia Manchik

In a city that seems to go on forever, with buildings on top of buildings, any green space in the city is a treasure. Near the most iconic green space in NYC, Central Park, is a lovely little escape we discovered on our last trip to the city—1 Hotel Central Park. A day in NYC as a visitor means you’ll walk your feet off. And we did. Every day there’s a new neighborhood to explore, a list of food we must eat, places to see, and photos to take. In a city that doesn’t make it easy to sit around and get bored, we really enjoyed staying close to Central Park, a gem filled with trees and water and trails. Even after walking all day, the park was worth walking past to recharge after a day in the busy city. Even thought it’s part of the concrete jungle, 1 Hotel Central Park almost feels like an extension of the park—not just because it’s a few blocks away, but because the nature followed us back to the hotel. Beautiful wooden textures and living plants in every room—hanging from the ceiling, growing out of the walls, and appearing in unexpected places. I’ve never stayed in a hotel that allowed me to stare at a succulent while brushing my teeth in the morning. Some of our friends recently moved to NYC and we wanted to see them. Being in a central location, they met us at our hotel, and we walked across the street to Fika. With coffees and pastries in hand, we headed over to Central Park to escape the concrete jungle and find a peaceful place in nature to enjoy each other’s company. It wasn’t hard to find a secluded spot, surrounded by greenery. The walk back to the hotel was a short one, and upon return, we were delighted to be surrounded by greenery again. -Julia Manchik