Guest Post: Haute & Healthy With Vanessa Hong

Published on: September 14, 2017

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Plants in a windowsill

We all know travel can be hectic, but at 1 Hotels we believe it can be restorative too.

This week, during the non-stop energy of New York Fashion Week, we checked in with Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit to get her top five tips on how to stay healthy and stick to a routine and stay centered while you travel.

1. Pack what’s important to you
Healthy foods are my fuel. I always travel with a bag of seeds and nuts. I’ll also bring along adatpogens like maca, turmeric and moringa that I can add to my hotel breakfast or even to hot water when I need a real pick me up. A favorite adaptogen of mine is Sun Potion’s limited edition ‘Yin Power’. I also love Four Sigmatic’s chaga and reishi packets. I never travel without them

A woman sitting in bed with a coffee and a book2. Plan ahead
Down time is hard to fine during fashion week, but when I have an off day I’ll schedule in a workout class. My favorites are Yoga East for Kundalini, which I started studying this summer, or SLT if I want to get my butt kicked! I also have a list of my favorite restaurants with healthy menus that are perfect for meeting friends at – for something fast, it’s always Sweetgreen, for something with ambience Dimes, and for something elevated, Kajistu which specializes in Shojin Buddhist cuisine (in the Japanese tradition).

 3. Stay grounded
Whenever I travel, I like to work out and keep moving. It’s a great way to keep my mind clear and energy circulating. It also makes me feel amazing! Yoga is really essential for me. It’s literally meditation in motion. It incorporates some of my greatest passions including dance, core work, and mindfulness. When I don’t have time for a class, I always have a personal practice I can do in my room (and the in-room yoga mats at 1 Hotels make it super easy to find some zen). Also, before heading back from a trip I like to reflect and find a sense of clarity from within. Meditation is a great way to clear the clutter of your noisy brain.

A black and white image of a woman bent in a bridge position4. Recharge
For me a goodnights rest is much better than a night on the town. During Fashion Week, when many of my friends are all in the same city, I will schedule time to meet up early in the morning or during the afternoon for tea or long, conversation-filled walks.

 5. Explore
Whenever I’m in a new environment – I am curious. I walk through life (whether on vacation or not) with a child’s curiosity and that always invites interesting experiences. My best advice: Be Curious. It’s good for the soul.

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