Dessert Alert: The Best Ice Cream In NYC

Published on: August 8, 2016

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Ice cream cones loaded with candy, sprinkles, and waffles

As if we ever needed an excuse to order a creamy, cool treat, this season’s warm temps have us on a constant hunt for the best ice cream we can get our hands on. Here, we’ve got the scoop on where to find the most festive (and delicious) frozen creations.

Eggloo – These build-your-own cones start with colorful, Hong Kong-style waffles, and loads of the requisite toppings.


Images by: @shanycelora, @kimmy.tsui, @nogarlicnoonions

 Ice & Vice – Doughnuts or ice cream? Head to this downtown Manhattan creamery, and you won’t have to choose. Find all kinds of creative dessert and ice cream combos here.


Images by: @nyfoodsharings, @theattentionseekers, @keepingupwiththemetabolisms

Dominique Ansel Kitchen – The man behind the infamous Cronut craze opened his second location in NYC, with a focus on ice cream. Delight in soft-serve concoctions you could never have imagined, but couldn’t imagine living without after your first bite.

Images by: @anniemester, @_ffat_, @iiamjelly

10 Below – Rolled, not scooped. Watch as 10 Below freezes your ice cream and rolls it to perfection, a craze taking social media (and our appetites) by storm.

Images by: @jennifermgreer, @callme.som, @nn.cxle

Emack & Bolio – Known for their cones embellished with your favorite childhood cereals, these whimsical concoctions are just asking to be #Instagrammed – and for good reason.

Images by: @feedyourgirlfriend, @westchesternyeats, @nycluxurylife


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