Charcoal Is The New Black

Published on: February 26, 2016

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By: Lia Loukas

If you hadn’t already heard, charcoal is the new black.  Well, the new green really.  

From the menus at juice bars to the shelves of design stores, charcoal is infusing products that we drink, apply, scrub and rub down with. Here we break down why its making such an assertive step into our lives along with an edit of our must have charcoal products.

When most people think of charcoal and our bodies, the first thing that comes to mind is the stomach-pumping process used in hospitals to treat poisoning or overdose. With this being true, the use of activated charcoal for its unique and effective adsorptive, toxin binding powers have evolved to treat and improve our bodies from gut health to whiter teeth.  

Before getting into the benefits, its important to note when we say “activated charcoal” we are speaking to charcoal that has been heated to a point where it expands and increases its porous characteristics. In this state, it has a negative charge and tons of little pockets that when ingested, has the ability to circulate your system, trapping toxins and gases in its pores, allowing them to be flushed out from your body. Activated charcoal can be made from a variety of sources but when using for natural healing, it’s important to select activated charcoal made from coconut shells or other natural sources.

Now you know how it works, so here’s how it benefits you:  

  • WHITENS TEETH – That morning coffee taking the glint out of your teeth? Activated charcoal’s adsorbs plaque and microscopic particles that stain teeth while changing the pH of the mouth to help prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.
  • FLATTENS YOUR STOMACH – Charcoal helps to cleanse the intestines and colon, helping to de-bloat while h gas-causing byproducts in food are bound to activated charcoal when digested 3-4 hours before/after meals, alleviating any potential discomfort or bloat.
  •     MOOD BOOSTER – While being no competition to coffee, charcoal can provide energy in a more indirect way as when then body is rid of toxins and oxidants, it will respond by giving you more energy and better overall health.
  • HANGOVER CURE – With its strong cleansing properties, activated charcoal can help to remove toxins from the liver and bloodstream after a night of drinking.
  • ANTI-AGING – Activated charcoal can help to prevent cellular damage to kidneys and liver while supporting healthy adrenal glands, benefiting major organs by supporting and facilitating the flushing of damaging toxins and chemicals.
  • MOULD CLEANSING – Many don’t think about it but we can grow mould in our bodies which causes depression, kidney and liver failure, decreased brain function, heart disease, headaches,  and impaired immune system and respiratory function, but activated charcoal adsorbs and rids the body of moulds.
  • POWERFUL DETOXER – Charcoal pulls toxins from the body and is a strong detoxifier but be aware that anytime something binds to toxic compounds, you also lose some nutrients in the process so be sure to avoid ingesting charcoal within 3-4hr to taking any supplements or antibiotics and make sure you are drinking at least two litres of water to help flush toxins out.

From our favourite charcoal juices to the most eloquent charcoal toothbrushes, here’s our roundup of the must have charcoal products to get your body “back to black” in style.

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