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The Field Report: Winter 2016/2017

The winter edition of The Field Report, our quarterly guide that gives guests an inside look at the people, places and projects that inspire us, has arrived. Cozy up in the nook at 1 Hotel Central Park or soak up the sun at 1 Hotel South Beach this winter.. Read More >

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1 Hotels Celebrates America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a nationwide initiative that inspires people across the country to make the most of their unused or discarded materials. Waste has a significant negative impacting on our natural environment, as greenhouse gasses are released from.. Read More >

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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

Image by: www.wrwcanada.com/businessWe're all familiar with the negative repercussions of waste, individual guilt notwithstanding. Excess waste is not only expensive to manage in terms of natural resources, energy, and money, but it is also responsible for.. Read More >

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How You Can Save the Ocean Too

In celebration of World Ocean Day, we’re taking a look at how we can work together to reduce our impact on one of our planet’s most precious resources.1. Ditch the disposable Do your best to use reusable bags, beverage cups and food containers... Read More >

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5 Tips for A Greener Week

Earth Day may have been last month, but here at 1 Hotels we encourage everyone to take small steps to be 'green' year round. Small changes in your lifestyle can actually make a big impact on the Earth. These 5 tips will get you on the path toward greener.. Read More >