The Best Doughnuts In Miami And NYC

Published on: June 3, 2016

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While we generally stick to farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients, everyone deserves to indulge from time to time. To celebrate National Doughnut Day, we’ve round up a few of our favorite doughnut shops in Miami and NYC! 


The Salty Doughnut

A hand holding a large glazed doughnut

Miami’s first artisanal doughnut shop, the Salty Donut has tapped into the hearts and stomachs of Miami’s Wynwood community. About 1,200 doughnuts are produced daily Friday through Sunday, and they sell out quickly. The shop offers sweet and savory varieties including traditional glazed buttermilk and maple bacon, plus gluten-free versions and even alcohol-infused treats. If you can brave the line, these donuts do not disappoint.

Mojo Donuts

A close up of three different artisinal doughnuts

For a long time, Mojo Donuts was one of South Florida’s only craft doughnut shops housed in a little strip mall in Pembroke Pines. With a new Miami off-shoot, visitors can now enjoy options such as guava ‘n’ cheese, maple bacon, and key lime. Yum.

 Bunnie Cakes

A chocolate glazed doughnut on a green plate that says VEGAN

At Bunnie Cakes, no actual bunnies were involved in the making of their baked goods – in fact, the sweet treats are all vegan! This adorable shop in Wynwood has loyal fans flocking for unique flavors such as guava, red velvet, and chocolate chip cupcake. If you’re looking for gluten-free, vegan, organic and allergy-safe treats, hop on over to this shop.


New York City


Two containers, each holding three artisinal doughnuts

Take the trek to Bed-Stuy to indulge in cult-favorite, (original) Dough. These giant doughnuts are well worth all the attention they receive. With flavors like dulce de leche and hibiscus, you’re sure to find the perfect treat.

Underwest Donuts

Four different artisinal doughnuts on a plate next to a card that says EAT FAT. DIE YUM.

NYC is full of hidden gems and unexpected finds. Enter Chanterelle vet Scott Levine’s cozy doughnut shop nestled inside a Hell’s Kitchen car wash. The old-fashioned cake-style treats are pulled from an automatic Donut Robot, which fries and cools them behind a glass wall as cars are washed. Choose from a sugared, glazed, or plain doughnut in flavors like brown-butter, lime-coconut and a shredded halva-topped option. 

The Doughnut Project

Two different artisinal doughnuts on round white saucers

Relative newcomer, The Doughnut Project, carries on the trend of massive yeast donuts in unique flavors. These small batch, hand-crafted pastries in flavors like Costanza (salted chocolate with buttered pretzel), savory Bronx (olive oil and black pepper), and fiery Bulletproof Tiger (pineapple with habanero stripes) make it hard to choose just one. 

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