A Visual Journey Through Iran

A couple sitting on a grassy hill with a view of a valley

I visited Iran in 2013 and it quickly became clear to me that nothing was how I had expected it. While my outside perception had been shaped by stories on sanctions, mullahs and extremism, I encountered some of the kindest, most hospitable people on earth and a rich, millennia-old culture. Iran truly loves its contradictions and so while most social media channels are blocked, Instagram is one of the most popular tools (even the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has an active account with over 400,000 followers) and also provides a beautiful peek into this country and its culture that is slowly opening up to visitors. Here are some my favorite accounts: Everyday Iran – a photographic project to capture Iranian everyday life – https://instagram.com/everydayiran/ iran1
#AwesomeIran – Iran is trying to rebrand itself and show the many positive aspects of the country. This account is a part of that campaign – https://instagram.com/awesome_iran/ iran2
Ali Kaveh – photographer and founder of @everydayiran – https://instagram.com/kavehali/ iran3
This is Iran – another initiative to show the fascinating sides of Iranian life – https://instagram.com/this_is_iran/ iran4
Stories of Iran – the observations of a US lawyer living in Iran – https://instagram.com/storiesofiran/ iran5
Khashayar Sharifaee – an inspiring Iranian photographer – https://instagram.com/sharifaee/ iran6
Amin Rahmani – great Iranian photojournalist – https://instagram.com/aminrahmanii/ iran7
Iranian Street Style – don’t expect only head scarves! – https://instagram.com/irstreetstyle/ iran8