Green Is Always In Style

We often discuss the importance of carefully selecting the things we put into our bodies, but most of us don’t exercise...

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Calling Out Climate Change: Our Warming Oceans

Hurricanes have occurred naturally since the beginning of time, but we’ve recently learned the role climate change plays...

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Honeybees Are Here To Help

For centuries farmers have kept their agriculture thriving by introducing honeybees into orchards using manmade hives. This...

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Live Green, Eat Green

We recently discovered an article featuring the eye-opening statistic that livestock responsible for red meat and dairy account...

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Cooking With Chef Chris Crary

Did you know that livestock responsible for red meat and dairy account for roughly 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gases...

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5 Ways to Stay Sustainably Styled in 2019 from Everything But Water

Looking to stay fashion-forward on your next beach vacation while still being earth-friendly? We spoke to our friends at...

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Exterior of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

60 Furman Street

Um hotel ecológico projetado para ser o seu refúgio no Brooklyn. É o mais novo membro da família dos 1 Hotéis.

1Hotel Central Park exterior with greenery
New York

Central Park

1414 Avenue of the Americas

Concebido pela natureza para o seu conforto, o seu hotel eco-friendly do centro da cidade é um-de-um-tipo, naturalmente.

The rooftop swimming pool at 1Hotel South Beach
Miami Beach

South Beach

2341 Collins Avenue

Um hotel ecológico de South Beach que pede para você relaxar em uma praia de 600 pés de areia pura e águas oceânicas.

1 Hotel West Hollywood Pool
West Hollywood

West Hollywood

8490 Sunset Boulevard

Nosso primeiro hotel da costa oeste se inspira na terra, no mar e no sol abundante do sul da Califórnia. No coração de West Hollywood, 1 Hotels está chegando a Los Angeles.