Holiday Season

It's the season of giving. We're giving you festive celebrations at our sustainable sanctuaries, and we're giving back to our communities and planet. We hope you'll join us.

Holiday Happenings & NYE

Giving Back

Reusable bags on sidewalk

Black Friday Switch Out

On Black Friday, our teams take to the streets to switch out shoppers' disposable shopping bags with free reusable totes, collecting the paper and plastic bags to be recycled or repurposed. 

Heart Leaf

Giving Tuesday

We support Giving Tuesday and encourage donating to one of the many dedicated organizations working to protect and restore our planet, like the NRDC, Conservation International, and The Nature Conservancy. But donating isn't the only way to give. Your time and your voice are incredibly valuable in these organizations' efforts.

1 Less thing

1 Less Thing

During seasons dedicated to giving and receiving, it's easy to forget those in need. Beginning December 9, leave a gently used item (or two) behind that you're okay parting with at any of our hotels, and we'll work with local charities to make sure it gets to those in need.