Jams Patio Table

Earth Month at Jams Café

Apr 1 - 30  |  7am - 10pm  |  Jams Café

Vegan Menu

Jams Café Menu is 70% plant based. Purchase one of our featured vegan items and receive a complimentary COCO-MOAT COOKIE (vegan coconut oatmeal).

Vegan Cashew Crunch & Coconut Yogurt Parfait
Satsuma mandarin, maple-orange marmalade, gluten-free oats

Super Food Wrap
Smoked tofu, avocado, gomasio, kale, carrot, red pepper, herb-spinach wrap, sesame ginger dressing

Vegged Out
House-made chickpea burger, super sprout mix, lemon tahini sauce, herb-spinach wrap

Sustainable Cocktail Special

From the Grounds Up
Patron Silver tequila, Grand Brulot Cognac Café, Bailey's Irish Cream, house-made recycled cold brew coffee (steeping used espresso grounds to reduce our impact on coffee production)