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February 25
4pm - 5pm
Great Lawn - 2nd Floor
In honor of Black History Month, we’re celebrating the incredible Black creators in our community. 
Lie back, take a breath, and let it all go. Allow Shayla Martin to lead you in an experience guaranteed to unwind your mind and bring peace to your heart. 
As the sounds of the bowls bring you into a state of deep relaxation, your body will begin to clear away stress, worry, and that constant feeling of needing to “do”. You’ll create space for your energy to naturally realign. And you’ll leave feeling more grounded, clearer-headed, and fuller-hearted. 

Experience a rejuvenating session featuring 7 Crystal Sound Bowls, chimes, music, and more. This unique session celebrates the full moon from the night before. The potent energy of the full moon can be truly transformative. It tends to amplify our emotions, making it an ideal period to let go and unwind.
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